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Internal University Departments

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Booking Centrally Available Space for Recognized Campus Groups

The Academic + Campus Events will book classrooms free of charge to Recognized Campus Groups.

How to Book

The Booking contact person registred with Ulife can submit requests online.

To make a booking, the contact person listed with Ulife has to fill out and sign a Facilities Request Form (link on the right). Note: bookings will not be made over the phone & LSM will only take bookings from the contact person registed with Ulife. The signed form is submitted by mail, in person or by fax to our office.

New Recognized Campus Group Online Booking Process

As of January 1, 2019 Academic + Campus Events (LSM) will be accepting all Recognized Campus Group booking requests exclusively via the online booking request portal.

Please note, paper Facilities Request Forms will no longer be accepted.

Primary and Seconday booking contacts can visit the LSM office during designated drop in hours from 1:30-4:30pm Monday to Friday or by appointment and we will be happy to discuss booking requests already submitted via the online portal, coordinate audio visual requirements and process payments.

Advance bookings are continuing to be permitted. Groups will be permitted to book rooms in advance within the term.

The release dates for non-course bookings are as follows:

  • Fall Term (September to December) bookings will open end of August
  • Spring Term (January to April) bookings will open mid December
  • Summer Term (May to August) bookings will open mid April

* Please note that requests for special event bookings (such as conferences, ticketed events, etc.) are booked outside of this system. Please contact Academic + Campus Events for more information at campusevents@utoronto.ca.

Booking Deadline

Requests require at least five business days notice before the date of the booking. See the PDF ("policy" link on the right) for how long in advance you can make an advance booking.


The contact person has to notify Academic and Campus events at least three business days before the booking if the space is not being used. Failure to cancel will result in charges for the space.

Who can use the space

Recognized Campus Groups may not book space for, or sponsor, non-university groups or activities. This will be strictly enforced.

A/V, Furniture, Caretaking

The group booking the space is responsible for any direct charges such as furniture delivery and/or setup, weekend caretaking etc. (Caretakers are required if the space booked is used after 6:00 p.m. Friday until the building's regular weekday hours resume). See the PDF for new A/V policy for Campus Group bookings.


Only cheques drawn on either the group's account or that of the contact person will be accepted.
There is a $20 service charge for any returned cheques.
Once a Recognized Campus Group has had a payment returned to the University by their bank, they must have all future payments certified.
If a Recognized Campus Group has an outstanding debt with LSM all future bookings, including those already confirmed, will be denied until the debt is settled.

External Groups (non-University)

External groups are groups not directly a part of the University's academic, athletic or administrative body.

All booking requests must be made in writing using the "Facilities Request Form" on the right.

It must be signed so please print it, sign it and either fax it or scan it and e-mail.

Most classrooms on the St. George campus are booked via the Room Reservation System - RRS. Most conference rooms and lounges, and some seminar rooms are not yet available on the RRS, and must be booked directly through the college, faculty or department to which they belong. The major assembly space holders on campus not represented on the RRS include: Hart House, the Faculty of Music and the Federated Universities & Colleges.

If you wish to check on room bookings and/or room availabilty, check our online booking calendar.

Room reservations can be requested by fax, telephone or via:

Online Reservation Request
Fax: (416) 978-4802
Telephone: (416) 978-2187

Any services required from the Facilities and Services Department for the use of U of T owned rooms must be placed through Academic + Campus Events. These would include the opening and locking of buildings and rooms, caretaking services to clean up after an event or to move furniture, an electrician to provide adequate power for large sound systems, lighting, etc. Please advise the LSM room booking staff of the likelihood of requiring such services at the time the room is booked.

Other services, such as audiovisual, parking, food and beverage services are normally arranged separately at the appropriate University office.


  1. Events which are not considered to be part of the University's business are charged for the use of space. Room rental rates are approximately $26 - $78/hour (depending on room size). See room rental rates page for more specific rates.
  2. Campus groups which have been officially recognized by the Office of the Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs will not be charged for the use of space, but will be held responsible for any costs incurred by LSM. These are usually overtime caretaking or security costs passed on to LSM by the Facilities and Services Department.
  3. Other University related meetings or events, not directly associated with the teaching and examination of degree or diploma granting courses, will be levied a modest space-use charge to offset some portion of the operating cost of the room. Rates are approximately $8 - $21/hour (according to room size). Organizers will also be held responsible for any costs incurred by LSM. These are usually overtime caretaking or security costs passed on to LSM by the Facilities and Services Department.
    See room rental rates page for more specific rates.

In addition, any extraordinary costs incurred as a result of an event, such as damage repair, trades assistance or supplementary cleanup, will be passed on to the sponsoring organization or department.

Guidelines & Procedures

The following rates are guideline only. Please call LSM for actual rate quotation.

External Rates for Room Reservation

Room rental is charged by the hour and varies according to seating capacity. External rates apply to those groups who are not associated or affiliated with the University.

Room Capacity Rate
Less than 25 $30.00
Less than 50 $35.00
Less than 100 $41.00
Less than 200 $55.00
Less than 300 $65.00
Less than 500 $77.00
500 or greater $97.00
Myhal Centre Interactive Learning Auditorium $200.00

Internal Rates for Room Reservation

Internal rates are charged to groups which are formally recognized by the University. The following rates are per hour:

Room Capacity Rate
Less than 80 $10.00
Less than 150 $15.00
Less than 200 $18.00
Less than 300 $22.00
300 or greater $25.00
Myhal Centre
           Interactive Learning Auditorium $50.00
          Less Than 40 $15.00
          Less than 105 $20.00

Audio-Visual Equipment

Academic Bookings - A/V* is included in room cost

Non-Academic Booking - A/V* is extra cost

* This includes the Teaching Station, TSJr, and any ceiling-mounted digital projector. Always specify all your A/V needs at time of booking. Academic bookings likely require a course code.

Caretaking Fees - Amendments as of April, 2014

In order to better serve our customers, we’ve clarified our caretaking fee structure. Effective April, 2014, the caretaking fee to a room booking on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays will be:

  • If the combined total capacity of a single event booking is 75 or higher, then a caretaking fee will apply. Capacity will be determined based on the number of attendees. If multiple rooms are requested, the capacity will be the combined capacity of the rooms requested
  • If the combined total capacity of a single event booking is 50 or higher and space is booked for 5 hours or longer, a caretaking fee will apply.
  • If a booking is made for an auditorium, a caretaking fee will apply.

Notwithstanding any of the above if a booking involves food, then a caretaking fee will apply.

Please also note:

  • Our office requires at least 5 business days’ notice for room booking requests
  • The duration of any booking must be for a minimum of 2 hours

Please contact us for further information.

A/V Rentals and Services

Please note that A/V EQUIPMENT IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE ROOM RENTAL and all requests for A/V equipment or technician services require 6 working days advance notice.

For all centrally available classrooms, please contact LSM:

location iconLocation

LSM Tech Support
Academic + Campus Events
McMurrich Building
4th floor

12 Queen's Park Crescent West, Toronto, ON M5S 1S8 »

phone iconContact

Phone (416) 978 - 6544
Fax (416) 978 - 4802
AV Equipment Booking Form

Contact information for other divisions at the University that provide their own support is available here: All U of T Divisions AV Contact Information

Contact the technicians at LSM for information regarding equipment you are using, not for booking equipment: AV Equipment Technical Support

Food Catering

You may use the caterer of your choice in most areas including the following University cafeteria facilities which are currently under contract to:

St. George Catering 416 - 585 - 3169
Innis Café 416 - 977 - 7434
Sylvesters Café 416 - 978 - 5247
UC Food Service (Limited Area) 416 - 978 - 7269

Beverage Service

All alcohol on campus must be ordered from the Campus Beverage Service. Please contact the Food and Beverage Services at: http://www.food-beverage.utoronto.ca/

Furniture Requests

The majority of our space is setup classroom or lecture style.

Should you require a special setup (where scheduling and/or space permits) or additional furniture for registration tables, please discuss this with a reservation officer at the time of booking. Additional charges may result.


Paid public parking is available throughout the campus at all times.
For details contact Parking Services at: http://www.parking.utoronto.ca

Services for Disabled Persons

For advice or information concerning building and room accessibility, contact Accessibility Services:

Telephone: 416 - 978 - 8060 (also T.D.D.)

Campus-wide accessibility services: http://www.accessibility.utoronto.ca


Ticket printing and box-office services are available from UofT Tix.

Telephone: 416 - 978 - 8849


Most classrooms on the St. George campus are booked via the Room Reservation Service (RRS) but not all. As well, most conference rooms and lounges and some seminar rooms must be booked directly through the college, faculty or department:

Hart House
All facilities, including theatre
Phone: (416) 978 - 2449
Fax: (416) 978 - 65423
Edward Johnson Building
Faculty of Music, MacMillan Theatre, Walter Hall
Phone: (416) 978 - 0492
Fax: (416) 978 - 5771
Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy
Phone: 416-978-6062
New College
All event facilities, including The William Doo Auditorium
Phone: (416) 946 - 0345
Fax: (416) 971 - 2103

Federated & Affiliated Institutions

Knox College Phone: (416) 978-0168
Fax: (416) 971-2133
University of St. Michael's College Phone: (416) 926-7141
Victoria University Phone: (416) 585 - 4427
Trinity College Phone: (416) 978 - 8680
Wycliffe College Phone: (416) 946-3535
Fax: (416) 946-3545