Tech2U - Humanizing Classroom Technology Support
University of Toronto, Downtown Campus


For immediate assistance in the classroom:
Use the live intercom on a Teaching Station or Teaching Dock or call the Tech2U emergency hotline:
416 - 978 - 0423

Tech2U focuses on meeting your technology needs, regardless of your classroom assignment with an option to have additional equipment delivered and set up before the class. More importantly, Tech2U provides in-room technology support from a team of Technical Co-pilots and Student Classroom Ambassadors.  The Tech2U team will provide you with consistent and ongoing support during every class throughout the term. We are excited to continue the Tech2U initiative and discover the ways it can support you, your teaching and importantly your students.

Tech2U provides and supports A/V equipment for 'centrally booked' classrooms (the rooms you can book on this site). If your classroom is not an 'LSM' room, A/V is likely handled by your local department. LSM and non-LSM can be located in the same building (even next to one another).

For LSM rooms:

Academic Bookings: There is no cost 
Non-academic bookings: A/V* is extra cost

* This includes the Teaching Station, Teaching Dock, and any ceiling-mounted digital projector. Always specify all your A/V needs at time of booking. Academic bookings likely require a course code.

A/V requests for equipment or technician services require 6 working days advance notice. For example, for a Friday booking, have your request in by the previous Thursday.

Are there costs involved? who pays?

Bookings made through Campus Events have charges associated with them (for equipment and technicians, if requested). In order to request A/V equipment through LSM, departmental account numbers are needed. Please be sure that these costs are approved before making a request.

For LSM rooms:
A/V charges for Departments/External/Campus Groups are below.

Departmental Bookings

Access to Teaching Station is $25 per room/date.
For more elaborate setup (Charges below)

External Bookings

Access to Teaching Station per room/date are as follows:
Monday - Friday until 5pm: $135.60 (Taxes included)
Fridays after 5pm/Saturday/Sunday: $248.60 (Taxes included)

If booking multiple rooms on a Friday evening/weekend, charges for one room will be $248.60. Additional rooms will be $135.60 for Basic AV.

For more elaborate setup (Charges below)

Campus Groups

Access to Teaching Station per room/date are as follows:
Monday - Friday until 5pm: $31.64 (Taxes included)
Fridays after 5pm/Saturday/Sunday: $88.14 (Taxes included)

Charges include a 50% subsidy provided by the Office of the Vice-Provost for 'Basic' AV only.

*Subsidy does not apply for additional equipment requested.

If booking multiple rooms on a Friday evening/weekend, charges for one room will be $88.14. Additional rooms will be $31.64 for Basic AV.

More information on the subsidy can be found here.

For more elaborate setup (Charges below)

Equipment Cost
Departmental Bookings External Bookings Campus Groups
Data Projector $25 $100 $36
Wired Microphone $10
Wireless Microphone $25
DVD Player N/C with data booking $25 $25
Audio Mixer $15
Sound Systems:
If room equipped Flat rate of $25 to access equipment Flat rate of $100 to access equipment N/C
Small systems (2 speakers) $25
Large systems (4 speakers) $50
Assist (at start-up only) $20
Operator on-site for duration
Tech requires an hour prior for setup/testing and 30 minutes after for dismantle.
Weekend setup fee (per date) $120
Fridays after 5pm setup fee (per date) N/C $120 N/C
Activation N/C N/C $20
Delivery N/C $20 $20

Check with your dept.

If you plan to incorporate audio-visual equipment in your course, be sure to check with your department/division before finalizing your syllabus and class plan. You'll want to make to sure that any associated costs will be covered and that that classroom you have been assigned can accommodate your needs.

Talk to the professionals

Consider talking to someone about the most effective ways to use technology in the classroom. There is at times an expectation among students that instructors will incorporate technology into the classroom setting - but not all subjects/classroom environments are suited for such use. For assistance with regards to effective use of instructional technology, contact:

Center for Teaching Advancement (CTSI)

Plan ahead

Be sure to plan ahead if you wish to use technology in the classroom. Arrangements need to be made in advance, such as ordering the equipment through the appropriate office (often with a minimum of 1 week's notice), and last-minute requests run the risk of not being met.

Inform your dept.

During the room allocation process, be sure to inform your department/division if you have specific a/v needs. It is often difficult to make changes to room assignments after they have been finalized.

Visit the room ahead

When you receive the room assignment for your course, consider visiting the room before the first meeting of your class. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the room, the placement of the a/v equipment and observe any limitations/restrictions that may exist.

Test the equipment

If possible, arrange for a time to test the audio-visual equipment in the classroom before you start teaching (e.g. before term begins, or on a day that your class is not scheduled). This will help to familiarize yourself with the room and the equipment and allow you to make any necessary adjustments before the class.

Wireless Internet

Note that hard-wired internet access is available for the instructor in classrooms with the Teaching Station and Teaching Station Jr.

Classroom wireless is not installed or maintained by LSM!

It is a part of the larger campus-wide network. So we are not the best people to provide info about wireless in a specific classroom. Instead, try....

The main page for campus wireless is:

Check the building coverage maps and floor plans - where there are floor numbers next to the building letter code, you can see exactly where on the floor plan the wireless covers.

The Information Commons has more detailed info about the new SSID network: Info Commons Help Desk - Wireless

A simplified map showing building wireless access is found under the 'Wireless' tab at the main UofT map:

map button

Other colleges and divisions
Non - LSM A/V Contacts

University of Toronto at Mississauga (UTM) 905 - 569 - 4300
University of Toronto at Scarborough (UTSC) 416 - 287 - 4357
John H. Daniels Faculty of
See their site:
Faculty of
416-864-8123 f
Faculty of
Help Desk
416 - 978 - 6816
Faculty of
Spiros Zervos
416 - 946 - 8787
OISE/UT 416 - 978 - 1802
Faculty of Kinesiology
and Physical Education
St. Michael's
Andrej Blazeka
416 - 926 - 2073
College, Ignatieff Theatre only
Sharon Reid
416 - 978 - 4166
James McAdams
416 - 978- 4165