Our mandate is to have human-centred design.

Transforming the Instructional Landscape

With quality teaching as one of the University's core missions, instructional space plays an essential role in fulfilling that mandate. As a steward of these important facilities, Learning Space Management (LSM) is committed to developing accessible, innovative, and effective purpose built classrooms that address the needs of all stakeholders.

The University of Toronto currently has a wide spectrum of instructional spaces across the St George Campus of varying heritage. In partnership with Facilities & Services, Learning Space Management has identified classrooms that are in need of a comprehensive renovation, including new audiovisual technology, furniture, finishes, acoustic treatment, and potential upgrades to the HVAC, lighting, and security systems.

From a Facilities and Services perspective, many of the vital components leading to a positive experience are not readily apparent. Beyond the individual experience level, it is important that these spaces are sustainable saving GHG by minimizing energy use. This project will also be a clear demonstration of University Operations' commitment to operational sustainability. Upgraded HVAC equipment and controls complete with automated occupant controlled high efficiency LED lighting will be standard features of these new room and lecture halls. Additionally, access control of these spaces is important to maximize flexibility and minimize staffing time and expenses that currently are used to physically lock and unlock these spaces. These are the elements of the classroom retrofit project that Facilities and Services are responsible for and will be addressing throughout this project in establishing classrooms and learning spaces for the future in order to enhance learning outcomes and experience for the campus community.

Overall, the Transforming the Instructional Landscape project will upgrade 174 classrooms in 23 buildings across the St George Campus, totaling an area of 15,700 NASM. A project of this scope will impact almost 6000 courses, and has the potential to affect the experience of almost every student and instructor on Campus.

Given the array of classrooms selected for these upgrades, the Transforming the Instructional Landscape project will improve instructional facilities for multiple departments, faculty, and students across the St George Campus. Rooms that will be upgraded include both large and small lecture auditoriums with fixed furniture, seminar spaces of a variety of capacities with loose furniture, and new and emerging instructional environments with diverse furniture types. This variety of spaces ensures instructors employing multiple delivery methods and pedagogies will benefit from an improved instructional environment.