TIL Story

The TIL Story shows what’s happened with TIL since its inception in the 2017-2018 academic year.


Transitioning Back to Campus

Classrooms are operational once again and instructors are exploring opportunities for dual-delivery, and face challenges related to technology-enhanced teaching and learning. We identify characteristics of what accessible and engaging spaces can look like.

Learning Environments: Both Physical and Digital

The pandemic necessitated a shift to 100% virtual learning, and then a shift to dual-delivery as re-opening began. The TIL Winter Pilot supported instructors to use technology in new ways to support students. The Tech2U Pilot program was launched to provide enhanced technical support to instructors returning to campus.


Redesigning the Classroom Experience with People

The beginning of the year focused on the importance of bringing people into the process so (re) designed classrooms meet their needs. In March 2020, the pandemic necessitated a shift to meet the changing needs of students and instructors in the online learning environment and redefined what a learning space is in a virtual landscape.

Connections to the Classroom

The TIL team sought new ways to engage students, faculty and staff through design thinking research and events and identified that classrooms are important connection points for students and instructors. People want to be involved in classroom design. The TIL Advisory was launched.


Creating Meaning and Memories on Campus

TIL was approved by Governing Council and partnered with the Innovation Hub to conduct design thinking research about student needs in classroom environments. Students have a strong attachment to classroom spaces on campus and make memories in these spaces.

TIL is born.


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