TIL Advisory



Providing a transformative education is central to the University of Toronto’s core mission. Instructional space and classroom technology play a crucial role in fulfilling this goal. Transforming the Instructional Landscape (TIL) is an initiative that seeks to draw on teaching and learning expertise from faculty, staff, and students across the university to inform teaching and learning best practices as they intersect with classroom space and technology. TIL’s focus is on the university’s academic spaces.

The TIL Advisory brings together engaged members from across the Tri-Campus community in discussion about current and future opportunities for classroom design and technology. The TIL advisory committee will provide guidance and vision to ensure that the overall goals of the University’s teaching mission, along with the goals of local divisions and departments, are reflected in our teaching spaces. The TIL Advisory gives important consideration to accessibility and inclusion when discussing teaching and learning spaces.

In addition, the TIL Advisory seeks to hear student input about classroom experiences through ongoing dialogue and consultation with students representing the U of T’s diverse student population and program offerings.

The TIL Advisory is advisory to the Provost via the Vice-Provost, Strategic Enrolment Management.


The purpose of the TIL Advisory is to identify the needs of the community with regards to classroom design and classroom technology and share that information to the broader university community. Given solutions will vary with the context and campus, this group’s focus is limited to identify needs and share information and advice to the broader community with implementation and solutions left to the unit or campus.


The TIL Advisory will engage in triennial meetings with instructors and other key stakeholders in UofT’s tri-campus teaching and learning community to discuss best practices in classroom design and classroom technology. The TIL Advisory is a forum through which community users connect with university-wide teaching and classroom support services to mutually determine the spatial and technological elements that will help actualize teaching and learning goals.

The TIL Advisory committee will:

  1. Provide advice and direction on classroom space and classroom technology to reflect the current and emerging landscape of course delivery and identify strengths and opportunities.
  2. Discuss opportunities for future innovation in classroom design and classroom technology.
  3. Explore the creation of greater access opportunities for the instructional community to test new classroom designs and classroom technologies.
  4. Discuss how divisional teaching strategies can be supported in the university’s classrooms.
  5. Provide advice on best practices with regards to classroom design and classroom technology to support ongoing investments in existing instructional spaces as well future investments in capital projects
  6. Create working groups as needed to address any initiatives emerging from the mandate of the Advisory. These working groups may include members beyond the TIL Advisory.
  7. Collaborate with other teaching and learning focused University committees, including those chaired by the Vice-Provost, Innovations in Undergraduate Education.


The TIL Advisory will draw on experience and expertise from three stakeholder communities: the teaching and learning community, the instructional support community, and the student community. Specific methods of appointment to the TIL Advisory for each group, and the duration of the appointment, are described below. The Advisory is Chaired by the Vice-Provost, Strategic Enrolment Management. Standing members include the University Registrar and the Director of Learning Space Management. Staff support for the Advisory is provided by the Vice Provost, Stategic Enrolment Management office.

Teaching & Learning Community

Up to 12 members, nominated by their divisional leadership

Length of term: 2 years.

Instructional Support Community

At least one representative (Director or designate) from each of the following areas:

Length of term: 2 years

Student Community

UofT’s diverse tri-campus student community is the constituency of focus for TIL. The Innovation Hub sits on TIL to gather input from a diverse range of students as required and to represent the human-centered design approach of designing classroom spaces and technology with rather than for students.


The TIL Advisory will meet three times per year (normally once in fall, once in winter and once in late spring) and will report back to the Vice-Provost, Strategic Enrolment Management, and the Provost annually.


From time to time, the TIL Advisory may form working groups as required to address specific items or explore a particular issue more in-depth. These working groups may be comprised of some TIL Advisory members but may also invite others whose role is relevant to the issue/topic at hand to participate. Working groups will report back to the TIL Advisory with any recommendations and advice.


The TIL Advisory will produce a succinct annual report in May/June that will serve as a retrospective look at the year’s discussions and activities, with a synopsis of what was learned and a summary of progress on TIL priorities. The report may also be forward looking, with a discussion on areas of focus for the upcoming academic year.

This report will be submitted to the Provost via the Vice-Provost, Strategic Enrolment Management. Reports will be shared publicly on the TIL website at uoft.me/TIL.



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