Our Services

Tech2U understands that juggling technology in a classroom while focusing on teaching can be challenging. We strive to help instructors focus on teaching and leave the technology to us! Instructors can:

Submit a direct request for classroom support using the Instructor Portal.

Receive ongoing in-room technical support.

Select from a wide range of technology options that can be delivered to the classroom to fit unique teaching needs.

Learn from the stories of other instructors.

Tech2U is offered across centrally managed U of T classrooms at the St. George Campus. The program runs year-round to provide in-class technical support to instructors.

Meet the Team

Our team is here to help instructors focus on teaching while we support classroom technology!

Student Experience Coordinator

I hire, coach and train our team of student Classroom Ambassadors who provide hands-on support to instructors.

Instructional Support Coordinator

I schedule the technical support team for Tech2U services and provide ongoing communication between all team members to ensure each instructor receives great service.

Technical Co-Pilots

We provide direct mentorship to Classroom Ambassadors and direct technical support to instructors for more complex tech setups. We oversee the smooth operations of Tech2U from different buildings to ensure instructors have great service.

Student Classroom Ambassadors

We are Work Study students that offer on-site support to instructors by troubleshooting technical issues in the classroom. We're learning so much through this experience!

Multimedia Support

We provide behind-the-scenes maintenance to classroom hardware so that all technology is up-to-date and working well, ready for instructors to use.

Tech2U Impact

Tech2U supports instructors with technology so they can focus on teaching.
To date, Tech2U has supported:

3,862 Instructors

285 Classrooms

9,935 Course Sections

Benefits to Instructors

Hands-on Troubleshooting

Individualized Support

Equipment Delivery & Setup

On-site Support

Focus on Teaching, not Technology

Supporting Dual Delivery

Hear how Tech2U has positively impacted instructors and listen to their stories!