Connecting Students on a Global Scale

Steven Treiber wanted to diversify lecture content by allowing guest lecturers and students to join from anywhere in the world. Tech2U enabled panoramic views to capture the full classroom experience.

Empowering a First Time Instructor

Shirley Yeung needed help setting up classroom technology to support her goal of teaching dual delivery classes. Tech2U provided Shirley with a video conferencing soundbar, allowing for more animated presentations.

Innovation in the Classroom

Bill Ju needed help finding technical solutions that allow him to provide online and dual delivery teaching. Tech2U worked with Bill to design a custom setup that recorded high-definition lectures.

Technology as a Pathway to Engagement

Doug Richards wanted to create an inclusive environment by being able to record his lectures along with his demonstrations of anatomical models. Tech2U set him up with a camera that suited his creative lecture style to show physical demonstrations.

Adapting to Unique Situations

Barbara Ballyk needed help switching to a hybrid teaching model while maintaining high engagement in both environments. Tech2U provide an HDMI splitter, allowing her to use several devices simultaneously to maximized student engagement.